3 Ways to Modernise Your Commercial Office Space on a Budget

1) Open office layout, furniture, and amenities.

One of the most popular and widespread office makeover treatment is definitely the switch to an open office layout. Many forward-thinking office spaces are ditching those bulky, claustrophobic cubicle compartments, in favour of an open layout, which adds value to the space. The benefits of switching to an open space layout are not purely aesthetics. This approach facilitates productivities, as employees will no longer be enclosed in their cubicles or locked behind closed doors. There will always be a direct line of communication and visual connecting between every person in the space.

An open office space will give you the opportunity to create different areas and section of the office, without the need to compartmentalise them or create any sort of separation between them. This approach is perfect to create a fast-paced, fluid and streamlined environment, where collaboration between individuals is made easier. Even a small to medium size office space could largely benefit from this particular approach to office space design!

There are many things you can do to improve your office space without breaking the bank. It might seem unnecessary, but art and nature could become very important additions to your office space. Plants, flowers and cool artworks can add a more modern flair to your office space, as well as adding some colour and liveliness to the surroundings.

In addition to that, an open office layout could emotionally help bring the team closer together, fostering productivity and improving company culture. The open office set up could lead to a more pleasing environment, which can also further improve the working conditions in your office. More about that in the following pointer!

2) Clever use of lighting solution, natural light, and energy optimisation.

Proper lighting could truly revolutionise an office space. Get away from that grey, gloomy and pale office cliches, and use lighting solutions in order to finally add value to your office space. It has been shown that workers and employees respond much better to a more pleasing professional environment. An office space that feels dull will in turn produce dull performances from your team. On the other hand, the impact of a bright, open and fresh office space can certainly improve the productivity of your organisation. If possible focus greatly on ample natural lighting. Windows and skylights are absolutely outstanding, and they are becoming increasingly popular in the office contexts. This particular approach to lighting has many amazing benefits. First and foremost, natural lighting can enhance the presence of your space and get rid of that claustrophobic atmosphere that is often found in offices. This lighting solution makes for a modern and inviting environment, where workers actually love to spend time. Another added benefit of natural lighting could be the cost-effectiveness of it. During most of the day, you won’t be required to turn on the lights, since skylights and large windows can offer plenty of illumination at no added cost.

While installing a skylight or ample windows might not exactly be a budget solution, it might save you some money in the long run. You can also make the most of any existing natural light source you already have in your space, in combination with energy efficient lighting solutions, such as low-consumption bulbs.

Today, many office spaces are designed with specific energy optimisation principles, aiming to reduce their footprint and minimise operational expenses.

3) Digital integration is more affordable than you might think.

In this day and age, many businesses and office facilities are quickly adopting new digital technologies in order to improve their productivity and redefine the structure of the available office space.

Affordable and effective digital solutions are making a huge impact on the way people are saving space in their offices, particularly when it comes to archival functions and data storage. Physical archives can take up so much space, with bulky shelves full of paper documents that are sitting there, collecting dust. Today, many businesses are getting rid of paper, and increasingly focus on digitalising their archives. This is usually done with the help of forward-thinking cloud computing solutions, which allow businesses to remotely store their documents on the cloud so that they can keep them safe and access them whenever they want.

By modernising your archive and data storage facilities, you will be able to save a lot of space. Some businesses prefer to downsize their offices, since they don’t need the extra storage space any longer, but others have the opportunity to repurpose their space and create new, exciting addition to their offices, which will enhance performances, appeal, and productivity.

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