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Creating your shop space to encourage people to buy

Learn why your store matters, and how to make the best of it by hiring a qualified shopfitter.

There are many ways you can go about improving the full potential of your business. Offering great products and services, as well as providing excellent customer service, are some of them. However, we also recommend focusing on the quality of your locations.

When a customer sets foot in your shop, first impressions are absolutely vital. The customer experience will go on to define the success of your store and the appeal of your brand. In other words, if your retail location looks stylish, practical and welcoming, you will have better chances of engaging with the audience and increase sales.

If you are looking to make the most out of your shop space, you should consider hiring an experienced shopfitter. If you are not familiar with the term, let us explain!

A commercial shopfitting company specialises in building, modifying and optimising retail spaces and shops, in order to make them more attractive and better suited to the needs of the consumers.

There are many different shopfitters out there, and each company offers something different. Certain firms might be more focused on safety features, logistics or heavy-duty constructions. Others might be more focused on design, style, and branding – some offer a good compromise between the two different areas, in order to provide a well-rounded service to their customers.

Many shopfitters often have strong relationships with other professionals and craftsmen, including builders, carpenter, electricians, and plumbers, just to name a few. This would allow them to focus on many different areas of any given process, offering a well-rounded service to their clients.

It’s all about bridging the gaps between appeal, comfort, practicality, and functionality.

So, why should you hire a shopfitter to get the job done?

If you finally found a stunning retail location after a long search, it’s important to make the most of it. When you know you have a great spot in a cool venue that could easily reach many customers, you want to make sure that you can offer the best possible presentation.

A professional commercial shopfitter will be able to help you understand the full potential of your space and design it accordingly.

A well-designed shop should not only look good: it should also serve a function. In fact, it should serve many functions.

Imagine you own a coffee shop: your location should be cozy and appealing, so customers will love to spend time in your shop. Cafes that are too cramped up or not welcoming might entice customers to grab a to-go cup and leave, but if you offer a more comfortable space to your customers, you might be able to up-sell them as well. Instead of just grabbing a latte to go, they might be willing to get a seat, order some food and spend more time in your beautiful establishment.

This situation is a perfect example of the fundamental shopfitting principle: the right retail space will get people to purchase your products/services because it will give them a better experience. On the quest to maximize the appeal of a store, there are many well-known strategies implemented quite commonly in the context of a shop’s layout and design.

Shopfitters put a lot of emphasis on visual presentation, product display optimisation, as well as walking paths within the shop to drive the focus of the people entering the store.

A well-fitted shop should also be able to accommodate your logistic needs. To keep referring to the previous “coffee shop” example, your business probably receives supplies regularly. New batches of coffee, ingredients, disposables…there should be enough space so that your team can do their job, move goods and manage the business without cluttering the space or getting in the way of your customers’ enjoyment of the experience.

If you are trying to encourage people to buy, it is essential to make them feel very comfortable. Shoppers love their personal space, and they might be self-conscious about having to elbow their way around in a shop cluttered with strangers.

Choosing your check-out point (or point of sale) is also another important step to building the perfect shop. The location of your check-out point will largely depend on the size of your space, and it might also be affected by the scale of your business. Many large stores have various check-outs in different areas, while some small shops, often run by a single person, might have other needs. If you are a one-man show, you are going to be able to man the check-out point, while overseeing your shop thoroughly. This means that you should place your point of sale in an area that will give you a great, full view of the whole shop. This will allow you to monitor customers (for safety reasons or to provide assistance as needed)

If you take the time to sit down with an experienced and reputable shopfitting company to talk about your needs, the firm will be able to provide relevant information and draft a plan that would suit your requirement, budget, and vision.

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