How to fit out a small commercial office to maximise space.

Learn more about the basic principles that will help you turn a small office into a valuable space that will serve your practical needs.

Tired of feeling trapped in a small office? Space is an absolutely essential component to any commercial space, and its management is absolutely paramount. For this reason, shop fitting or commercial office fitting is really an amazing way to keep your facility organised and optimised in many different ways. Keep reading in order to learn more about out to fit out a small commercial office in order to maximise space as much as possible!

Have a plan

Planning ahead is absolutely essential: knowing what you want out of your office is already a good start. Working with a professional shop-fitter is a really great way to consolidate your vision for your ideal small commercial office space, and maximise each feature greatly, according to your needs and preferences.

Don’t underestimate the importance of good aesthetics.

One of the most important aspects of commercial office fitting is to combine functionality with looks. Your office should be conductive to a good, productive workflow. On the other hand, it should also look good. Great aesthetics aren’t just a matter of vanity: the impact of a nice working environment is actually well-documented. In addition to that, a nice looking office is a must if you have customers over or hold various meeting. A great-looking space can do wonders for your brand, and for your reputation.

Understanding what you really need

As mentioned earlier, it is important for the office environment to be a place where your team and employees can be productive and work efficiently. Correctly done, commercial office fitting can really do wonders for your team’s productivity. A nicely organised office space can be better for communication, collaboration, conferencing and many other day-to-day tasks. In addition to that, understanding what you really need can help you declutter your office in a very significant way, meaning that you won’t run the risk of being buried in things you don’t even really need!

Embrace a minimalistic design philosophy

Minimalism is a design philosophy that became particularly popular soon after the end of the second world war, although its roots date back to the 20s and 30s, when German designers were experimenting with Bauhaus, one of the staples of modern commercial design. History tidbits aside, minimalism is particularly relevant in commercial office fitting today. This approach is actually a really great way to combine aesthetics with functionality, in order to create a professional space that does not only work, but it will also look great without the need of unnecessary frills.

Hiring a professional commercial office fitter can help you arrange your space to suit your needs functionally and aesthetically, and allowing you to make the most out of any room available to you.

Creating the illusion of additional space.

In some cases, a small room can feel a bit claustrophobic or cluttered. Even if you can’t physically enlarge the space, you can cheaply find many incredible ways to give off the idea of additional space. For instance, there are many accessories that you can bring to the table in order to make a small office space seem very lush and roomy. Windows and skylights really help give off a sense of size and space. However, it is not always possible to install such implements. There are alternatives that are even cheaper. For instance, mirrors are a really great way to add a sense of visual space and depth to a room. Architraves and other such installations on the walls and ceilings can mask joints and add a bit more to the aesthetics of the place, in some cases even giving off a sense of space and added dimensionality. While “the illusion of space” does not necessarily create more practical space for you to work with, it can definitely improve the dynamics of the office space and the overall vibes of the structure itself.

Start with essential infrastructure and/or equipment first.

One of the best ways to organise your office space is to start thinking about your most essential tools. Where is the printer going to go? Where is the internet modem going to be sitting? What about the conference desk? These features usually take up space, and if you organise around the elements that will require the most space, you are certainly going to be able to enjoy more freedom with the remaining space you have left. Generally speaking, office organisation works best when thinking “from big to small” instead of the other way around. Even a small office space could benefit largely from this particular methodology, which is great to optimise space.

Remove barriers and shoot for an open office layout

Cubicles are a thing of the past! Say goodbye to that depressive, cluttered and outdated layout in favour of a more open office space, with less physical barriers between various employees. This way, the space will look bigger and better. In addition to that, an open office space with a bright, modern feel has been known to increase productivity, as well as dramatically improving communication between employees, leadership and team mates.


Just because you are working in a small space, it does not mean that your office shouldn’t be a really great environment, conducive to productivity and high morale, as well as a place where your brand can stand out in front of customers and collaborators alike! Size does not matter as much as proper organisation does! A professional Commercial shopfitter is a must for your small office space. They can assist you in the process of finding a new identity for your space and help you maximise space for a modern open office that feels larger than it is!

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