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Trends we’re seeing in 2018 for retail stores.

The look and feel of retail stores will inevitably become a victim of the times: things change, as aesthetic sensibilities move forward, tastes evolve, and trends come in and out of any industry. As you might understand, it is vital to keep up, or even better, to stay ahead of the curve and get there before your competitors do. If you want to make sure that your retail space is always attractive, contemporary and up-to-the-minute, never stop looking around you. You can learn valuable lessons from your surrounding, including your competitors out there. Find out more about some of the hottest retail store trends in 2018 and read on!

1) Creating an emotional experience for the customer.

One of the most intriguing new developments in shopfitting is certainly the way retail locations are increasingly being designed with one objective in mind: connecting with consumers to create a deeper emotional response. Visiting your shop should not solely be a way for clients to browse through your merchandise or get a purchase done. It should be a memorable, engaging and dynamic experience, which involves their senses.

The right colour scheme, as well as sensorial stimulations, such as music and scented candles, are extremely popular in many retail locations because the power to influence a customer’s mood is particularly important. A great experience could easily translate into a sale, or enhance people’s attachment to your brand.

2) Smart lighting solutions

Light is perhaps one of the single most important elements of interior design, for commercial spaces and households alike. In spite of that, this element of shopfitting is quite often overlooked.
Clever use of lighting solutions could make a big space look more intimate. Conversely, it can also make a small space look larger and roomier. Great lighting can help you present your products in a much better way, and bring a lot of aesthetic value to your shop. Lighting is also a great way to influence the mood of your customers further, as described in the previous pointer. To give you an example, people might react differently to a dimly lit shop than they would to a bright, open space. It’s all about the customer experience you are trying to achieve.

3) Streamlined shop layout and minimalistic aesthetics.

Today, it’s essential to make it as easy as possible for customers to navigate your shop. Roaming around a store without being able to find what you are looking for could be frustrating. For this reason, many customers might be turned off, and you might lose their interest. With a minimalistic approach, you can contribute to the design excellence of your shop, while making store navigation a lot easier for the customers. As they say, sometimes it is good to remember that “less” can be “more.”

4) Tech integration and digitalisation.

Today, digital technology is no longer “just another” tool in the toolbox for business owners and shopkeepers. It is a daily reality and something that simply cannot be ignored or undervalued. Many customers will use social media or the internet for commercial purposes, including looking up your products online, browsing through customer reviews, and placing orders. For some businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to seamlessly integrate digital/online features with the physical realm of their shops. Anything from wi-fi for guests and customers, to digitalising inventory and archives. The increasing digitalisation of documents and business processes also means that most business owners realise that they can easily downsize to a smaller space, allowing the business to remain profitable while cutting expenses and strengthening the technology infrastructure of the shop. The digital age is indeed remarkably allowing many brick and mortar locations to thrive, and focus on other things, such as appealing to customers with great shop design and presenting products in the best possible way.

5) Tip the hat to your surroundings.

Some of the best retail locations are the ones that are conscious of their particular surroundings. Don’t be afraid to borrow from what’s around you for inspiration, and make sure you turn your shop into a vital part of the environment. This approach to shopfitting is particularly suitable in many circumstances. Think of a hip thrift shop in Brooklyn, NYC, keeping up with the “reclaimed” industrial aesthetics so popular in the area. Then again, you could picture a cafe by the beach in a stunning holiday destination, with a summery take on the decor, and bright colours that highly match the surroundings.

It’s very important to let your shop become well-integrated with its surrounding, but at the same time, it is vital for it to stand out for its unique character. High-quality shopfitting can help you find that elusive balance you are after

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